This week I sat down with the ever so lovely, Jesslabelle. After seeing her Instagram page, @thejesslabelle, I couldn’t wait to see the mastermind behind all of the creativity. This beauty transmits confidence, style and positivity. Rocking her half shaved head and perfect application of make-up, I couldn’t wait to sit down and get to know her better. I had some knowledge that this was not her first course with Lu Ross. She completed our make-up course in 2006. After high school, Jess sought out an interest in fashion and make-up. She worked with a company called ‘Kid Rascal’ and got a good taste of the fashion industry. She had competed for a scholarship at FIDM and came in 7th place out of thousands of contestants. Still, make-up was on her mind. She enrolled at Lu Ross and talked about her make-up instructor and peers with a giant smile on her face. She loved her experience and opportunity to go out in the make-up industry. She started out doing make-up for music videos, and photo shoots. Loving the environment, she worked hard to establish place in the ever competitive world of make-up.

She began a career in West Hollywood where she moved after high school. Even when famous, most people in the industry want to trade rather than pay an artist. Like putting your name out on their social media in exchange for a photo shoot. We both laughed and agreed that a rent check can’t be written based on your amount of twitter followers. She began to do house calls for make-up application, but realized that most people prefer to make an outing. They enjoy coming into a salon and getting out of the house. So she sought to further expand in her career.

She came back to Lu Ross interested in the Esthetics program. Upon looking into everything offered, she took a tour of the Cosmetology School and the Barber School. She fell in love with what the Barbering program had to offer and started with her second enrollment. She had dabbled with color in her high school days and has used this opportunity to further her knowledge and advance in every aspect barbering has to offer. She had just done and exceptional color on one of her fellow students: White, short hair, with large leopard spots. Being a color specialist, I couldn’t help but admire her attention to detail and exceptional outcome in this color. I was surprised to find out that she found the color theory and explanation of color intimidating at first. In her younger days she played with a vibrant red, which ended up a poppy pink type color, she loved the outcome, however. When testing color on yourself and friends, prior to school, a lot of trial and error happens; which invites progression every time to being even more knowledgeable with color.

Today she is quite versatile to say the least. From custom designs to clean razor shave, Jess takes on whatever is thrown her way. She does it with pride and attentiveness, making sure her clients are more than happy with their service. She plans to be in a salon where she will have access to accommodate every aspect of her career. Custom tapers, make-up application, colors, truly an all-around designer in our industry. “The Grand” salon in Orange county has already made her an offer to come work with them. She also has close ties to an upcoming barber shop opening in Culver City. She explained that her dreams go even farther, hoping to change location and focus her attention on going to England to work with fellow barbers. When she is not in school she works with a skin care line in Calabasas and has her own custom line of unique hats you can fins @NBBWEAR! This is a woman who never quits and strives for success. She insists that the most important thing is the client experience. While making sure the service is outstanding, it is important that the clients enjoy your professionalism and all around experience while coming to see you. I couldn’t agree more. I truly admire and look up to Miss Jesslabelle and I see big things in her future. Her advice to future students and fellows in this industry: “Remember to make your professionalism a priority. It is how you act and your attitude that will build your career. You will progress with time, always strive to be the best, and make your clients experience worth remembering.”