By Tommy Zee Kelley

This week I had the privilege to sit down with one of our very own night students! I have had the pleasure of getting to know him and watching him work on a daily basis. At first he seems quiet, but behind the chair he is a confident barber with vast knowledge in his early 600 hours. You can see his diverse experience of fades and designs on his Instagram @Alex_the_barber23. I had to know what made up this young man of only 18 who is progressing as a barber.

Lu Ross did a demo at his high school which propelled him to come for a tour. He had wondered what he wanted to do after high school, and quickly realized barbering was it! At the time he had also checked in to the Paul Mitchell Academy, which didn’t offer a barbering program at the time. He was happy to stay close to home. He is an Oxnard native and plans to stay locally after school. Not only does he attend the barber course five nights a week, he also has a part time job during that day at a local pretzel place, keeping him busy and ambitious.

His instructors Eli and Einstein have made a huge impact on him. Teaching him fades and clean razor shaves. His peers helped him perfect tapers, designs and gentleman’s cuts. The school had opened up great opportunity to learn from all of his peers which he finds very useful. He hopes to focus mostly on cuts in his career, although he is well diverse as a barber in other trades, such as color. He plans on continuing his education after he graduates and pay even compete in a barber battle in the future. Due to his early start in the industry, he hopes to achieve a good level of success earlier in life. Being his passion, barbering school couldn’t have started sooner for Alex. He is well on his way to a great start in the industry, with his dedicated focus and ever growing knowledge of all barbering techniques.

The group of night time barbers is close knit, and they all get along well. They work as a team always encouraging each other, and conquering anything that comes their way. The night students stay quite busy and have a lot of repeat clientele. They also practice procedures on each other when they have down time, making sure all of their hair cuts are well kept and a prime example of their work. Alex cares very much about how he is received by his clients. Making sure he is personable, professional and his personality makes for an all-around pleasant expiree, qualities that are vitally important in this industry. His words of advice for future students, and fellow barbers: “Take you opportunity early and enroll as soon as possible. Work hard with confidence and strive for success. Never lose sight of you main focus in life.”