Here at Lu Ross we’re all about the students! It was an honor to get to know our barber, Daniel Herrera Sakilayan, during his interview. Upon meeting him, the first thing I noticed was humility. A man who knows and emits gratitude for every opportunity he is given. I went through his Instagram page, @hiimderasak, for quite some time. His haircuts had personality, dedication and precision.

Perhaps I made an assumption, being an instructor, that this was one of our seasoned students. By his pictures I figured he was close to graduation. When he told me he has been in school for 5 months, just over 700 hours, my respect for him instantly grew! He has clearly taking his education seriously. His talent shines along with his passion for the industry in every tailored cut.

I wanted to know everything I could about a young man of 20 years old, with a passion as big as the country. In high school, Daniel purchased his first pair of clippers from the local Wal-Mart. They were made by Conair, and hardly what are considered a professional tool among licensed barbers. He wanted to save the money he was spending on professional haircuts, so he opted to become his own hair designer. His first clipper cuts were on himself. After a cut or two over the bathroom sink, his friends considered him to cut their hair as well. This is where his cutting career began!

After considering a career in the Navy and odd jobs here and there, his elder friends persuaded him to keep on with his cutting, and so Daniel found his way to Lu Ross. Within his first few weeks of school, he realized the students all got along really well. Everyone becomes a unit quickly which makes an incredible environment to be in. His instructors worked with him closely.

Einstein taught in depth on clipper cuts. Julius taught him profound cuts with shears. Rosa and Julius taught clean razor shaves, where he learned one of his go to tricks of the trade: adding conditioner and water to the shaving cream for even smoother results. His peers taught him many techniques for fades, clipper cuts and tapers. One student who worked closely with Daniel was Jose, who became a mentor and had a huge impact on where his cuts are now.

One of Daniel’s favorite things about the industry is a side that not so many people enjoy: criticism and critique. He invites his clients, peers and instructors to tell him where and how improvements can be made. This is a special trait that invites growth and delicacy in each and every cut. He finds everything he is told to be helpful, and will apply it to what he does in the future. Daniel has been looking into barber shops that he may enjoy working with when he gets his license. He especially likes ‘House of Fades’ in the Los Angeles area and ‘The Handlebar Barbershop’ in Thousand Oaks.

Right now, Daniel’s main focus is in his barbering career. His advice to those considering a career in barbering is, “Do it!” He enjoys progressing in his passion. He would like to cut hair for those who can’t afford haircuts, because passion is more important than money. Getting paid or not does not affect his cuts or motivation. He hopes to work with a barber shop that endorses programs for the homeless or under privileged to come in and get cuts simply from the kindness of their hearts.

In closing, this is what Daniel had to say about his future in barbering, life and experience here at Lu Ross: “Be humble. Always stay hungry for knowledge. As long as you love what you do, money will not be your main focus. God bless.”

Written by: Tommy Zee Kelley