By Tommy Zee Kelley

Barbers are usually known for their prestigious art in cutting men’s hair. From custom fades, clean razor tapers and unique designs; it seems there is nothing they can’t do! What most people don’t know about barbers is their training is much more than just cuts. Barbers are not just hair designing extraordinaires; they also have profound training in hair color, chemical services, women’s cuts, facials, thermal styling, wet hair styling and up dos.

Their vast range of education provides them with knowledge to customize every canvas that sits in their chair. For example, a growing trend in Hollywood is perms for men. Not your average tight curl, but a larger wave. The stylist uses large perm rods to achieve a big wave pattern, adding texture and body to the hair.

The same principal can be applied for men with overly curly hair. Keratin straightening treatments, as well as chemical straighteners can be used to remove all or a partial amount of curl, thus giving men and opportunity to have their desired look easily every day. Most people don’t know that these services can be performed at your local barber shop. Barbers are licensed and experienced professionals who can use many different techniques to complement a great cut.

Barbers also have a vast knowledge of color. When it comes to men’s hair in particular, knowing how to properly and efficiently achieve men’s color is a specialty. With men’s hair we must take into consideration that with a short haircut, the color will grow out or be trimmed off in a shorter amount of time. This makes the color application more delicate, ensuring to penetrate as efficiently as possible to give the client the most time with their desired color before needing a re-touch.

For men who want grey coverage, there are different options available to achieve desired result. If the client prefers to have most of their greys covered, but still have some remaining to make their re-growth less noticeable; there are specific color products to cover most, but not all of the grey hair.

After a few months the color washes out, this way the client can do their desired tint every few months. By allowing the color to wash out, when it is reapplied to the entire head it freshens up the entire look of the cut and color. This method looks most natural, so much so that most people won’t even consider that the client’s hair is colored.