This week we got to catch up with Nick Orozco, one of our nighttime barbers. You can find him and his incredible work on Instagram: @thebarber_nick. Nick is definitely someone who stands out at Lu Ross Academy and is a great example of a hardworking, naturally talented, up-and-coming barber.

Nick is 24 years old and lives in Moorpark, California with his 15-month-old daughter and family. He likes to spend as much time with them as possible, especially because he is quite busy between work and school. Nick works at Thousand Oaks Toyota in the body shop.

He describes himself as very outgoing and easy to get along with. Other students are drawn to Nick and his patience helping and coaching them. He is very willing to help his fellow barbers and is always practicing and learning new techniques. He is a great and productive student here at Lu Ross Academy.

Nick’s favorite subject in school is business management—another great subject that Lu Ross focuses on. Our instructors spend time focusing on resume building, business management and salon experience. His favorite quality about our academy is that everyone is nice and easy to get along with. Our barber instructors go through extensive training and do all that they can to connect with and relate to our students, and our instructors teach in the most effective and fun ways. Nick especially likes how lessons are broken down and connect to everyday life.

Nick was inspired to be part of the industry when his daughter was born. The arrival of his daughter made him realize how important it was that he do something substantial with his life, as his daughter depends on him. He is good friends with a barber and has watched him grow in his success. He saw the possibility of having a solid income and decided he wanted a piece of the pie.

To prospective students he would say that the barber school is really nice and has “cool instructors,” and that it would be easy for anyone to enjoy being a student there.

When Nick graduates, he wants to work as a barber full time, preferably near his home in Moorpark. He hopes to be at a shop that is busy and productive. To future students and barbers he offers this advice: “Whatever you put in is what you will get in return.”