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Barber Blog

Lu Ross Barber Spotlight: Nick Orozco @thebarber_nick

This week we got to catch up with Nick Orozco, one of our nighttime barbers. You can find him and his incredible work on Instagram: @thebarber_nick. Nick is definitely someone who stands out at Lu Ross Academy and is a great example of a hardworking, naturally talented, up-and-coming barber.

Nick […]

Barber School Spotlight: Alexis Saucedo

By Tommy Zee Kelley

This week I had the privilege to sit down with one of our very own night students! I have had the pleasure of getting to know him and watching him work on a daily basis. At first he seems quiet, but behind the […]

Baber School Spotlight: Jesslabelle

This week I sat down with the ever so lovely, Jesslabelle. After seeing her Instagram page, @thejesslabelle, I couldn’t wait to see the mastermind behind all of the creativity. This beauty transmits confidence, style and positivity. Rocking her half shaved head and perfect application of make-up, I couldn’t wait […]

Barber Spotlight: Daniel Herrera Sakilayan

Here at Lu Ross we’re all about the students! It was an honor to get to know our barber, Daniel Herrera Sakilayan, during his interview. Upon meeting him, the first thing I noticed was humility. A man who knows and emits gratitude for every opportunity he is given. I […]

Why Barbers are Jacks of all Trades

By Tommy Zee Kelley

Barbers are usually known for their prestigious art in cutting men’s hair. From custom fades, clean razor tapers and unique designs; it seems there is nothing they can’t do! What most people don’t know about barbers is their training is much more than just cuts. […]

Why Every Man Should Go to a Barbershop

Reprinted from, by Brett

For the past few months, I’ve been having my haircut at various barbershops. For most of my life, I went to unisex salons that reeked of perm chemicals and mousse. Every time I’d go, I’d walk away with a bad haircut. On top […]

Why Barbering Is Different Than You Think

When many people hear the word “barber,” they think of someone who works in a salon that cuts hair and trims beards all day. But a barber is about a lot more than these basic tasks.

A Rewarding Career

Aside from the basic salon work, barbers can use their skills to […]