“I am a recent graduate of Lu Ross Academy Inc. The staff and the instructors are the best! Each has an open door policy. The office staff is very helpful with enrollment financial aide and graduation. Liz the lead aesthetician instructor presents a well organized curriculum. Liz strives to bring out the best in each student before working on clients. After taking the state board written and practical exam our class passed with great success. There were many other students from all over California taking the practical exam and they were not as prepared as we were. Liz trained us step by step for the practical exam which led to our success. Liz and Marilyn also introduced us to outside companies that gave us extra training in our field of aesthetics. Marilyn is the Director of Education and Ken Boyle is the owner. Together they run a very successful training academy for cosmetology manicuring make up artists and aestheticians. What I love about Lu Ross is they give back to the community. I met so many wonderful people there and all of the clients that made it possible for training. I am very proud to say I graduated at the age of 56 from Lu Ross Academy. I just opened my own business in Ventura after graduating 3 months ago. If you apply yourself and manage your time wisely you will successfully graduate and pass the California State Board. Lu Ross lays the foundation and it is up to you to build your own pathway to success. I highly recommend Lu Ross Academy Inc. Its a fun and exciting career! I send a big thanks to all the staff and instructors. I love and miss you all!”
Gloria N, Licensed Esthetician
“Thank you for the best training in all areas of manicuring. The reflexology class has given me a reputation as the best manicurist in town.” This school teaches instruction in all areas of manicuring. I found the other manicurists paid more for their courses and received little to no training on acrylics, pedicures, nail art and reflexology. Lu Ross offers the most and has enabled me to be the best I can be!”
Nathalie Smith, Manicuring Graduate, 2001
“This Makeup program was a great source for me to grow in the beauty industry. Being a Hairstylist, I always felt like I needed more things to grow and now with this program, I haven’t only expanded to Makeup, but also in photography and modeling. It has motivated me to grow as an individual. Now I feel very comfortable doing any makeup and can get creative.”
Susana Nino
“My experience at Lu Ross has been wonderful. Starting the Makeup program was a bit scary for me as I haven’t been to school for 25 years. –Wow! This was fun. The teacher is a kick! Holly was colorful, approachable, professional and very interested in her all her students’ success in the Makeup field. Holly was great and Ruben (our bodyguard) was so sweet.”
Rosemary McClintock
“I enjoyed the Makeup program very much, overall I have learned a lot. There was a lot of info which was taught in a an easy way to follow and remember. Walking away from this class I have a wide base of info that I can now continue to build upon. Each class offered a different lesson to be learned. When I first started this class I thought I had a good grasp of what to do but little did I know… I have taken in so much in such a short period of time and can’t wait to see where this new path will take me.”
Calli Paulin
“I feel Lu Ross is a great school. I feel that I could not have attended a better school. The instructors were great. The personnel were great. The students worked together, and the staff was always finding more ways to better our school. I am ready to go out there and work confidently.”
Suzanne Bello, Cosmetology Graduate, 2000
“My name is Pui Ryden and this is my life journey. I came from Thailand in 1986 and I worked many jobs but never was a success until one day I turned on the TV and saw an ad for Lu Ross Academy. It looked very interesting so I went to the academy and got a tour of the school and learned about the program. I became very excited and enrolled in the school even though I felt apprehensive because I did not read or write English very well. The program at Lu Ross provides all the essential information needed to get started as a stylist and to pass the State Board Examination as well as extra knowledge regarding many different facets of hair styling including color specialist, scalp massage, management, and many more. The program at Lu Ross also includes many knowledgeable guest speakers that inspired me. One guest speaker in particular, a well renowned world champion, named Hans Wolf who later became my mentor and master. Lu Ross provides its students with many wonderful opportunities, which students need to take advantage of. I went to work at De’ Cut under the training of Hans Wolf and his team of professional hair stylists. After being a junior hair stylist for about a year, I became a senior hair stylist and opened even more doors to further my education and career. Last February, Hans Wolf sent me to Vienna, Austria to learn more from another world champion specializing in Up-Do’s. I will be going to Milan, Italy to observe the “World Championship Competition” and plan to compete in the 2006 Championship. Finally I would like to thank the Lu Ross Academy for providing me the education and opportunity to make my dreams of becoming successful come true.”
Pui Ryden, Cosmetology Graduate, 2002
“At the beginning of classes at Lu Ross Academy, I felt nervous and afraid of the unknown, yet I always wanted to have the opportunity to study cosmetology. Once I was in school I got to know the instructors and I realized that they were there to feed us knowledge and provide a safe learning environment for all of us. They are really there for you anytime you need them. I remember one time when I needed more help with state board exam and they acted fast to help me understand better. They also provided numerous guest speakers from professional salons to give us an opportunity to learn from somebody else and possibly network for the future. The majority of the students were extremely friendly and they made it fun. The administrators are also really friendly and professional and they listen to you. Another wonderful experience that I had was when I was given the opportunity to be an instructor aid. This was a memorable time for me. Overall I am really glad that I attended Lu Ross Academy. Everyone here made me feel like I can achieve anything.”
Maria Elena Alcantara, Cosmetology Graduate, Class 2009
“My experience at Lu Ross was incredible. I realized from my very first day of class that I chose the right career and the right school. The instruction I received was essential in building my foundation as an aesthetician. Working with the public in this setting was so helpful in building confidence, to practice on a wide variety of people, and become an excellent skin care therapist! I passed my state board exams with no trouble. After I received my license I immediately began working in a day spa. I quickly realized that I was taking most of the clients because my coworkers didn’t feel comfortable performing most of the treatments. I believe that the working spa environment and the Lu Ross aesthetics program more than prepared me for a career in my dream job.”
Genevieve Simpson, Aesthetics Graduate, 2003